24 July 1998- I finally got my computer back, and my HTML book, so I can finally start working on this page. I'm still experimenting, so please come back often and witness all the fun and exciting changes as I attempt to teach myself HTML. Hehehe.

So, my celebrity crush has been solidified. Yesterday after work, I went down to Amoeba records on Haight where Sean Lennon was playing an in-store concert. He is the cutest boy, I swear to you. That was the first time I ever heard his music, and all I can say is brilliant. I loved it. There was this crazy woman standing in front of me who loved it even more, though. She was dancing around and screaming and clapping constantly. No one else was, really, and maybe I thought it was weird because she was, like, 40. And she looked a little crazy. It was entertaining at least.

Sean was adorable, as was the rest of his band. They all did that cute rock star thing that I love where they jump up and bop their heads around when they get to the crazy rockin part of the song. Anyway, I'm now moving him up close to the top of my list of celebrity crushes. I may have to knock someone else down a few points and make him one of the top 5. :-)

To top off the excitement, I found a fun quote in the paper this morning. Here it is:

"Online gambling is a predatory attack on Main Street america. With a click of a mouse, you could lose your house. People are wagering, and losing- $2,000 an evening in front of their PCs, instead of watching TV." -Tom Grey, executive director of the National Coalition Against Gambling Expansion. The quote was in an article on Internet Gambling from the SF Chronicle.

I'm not even going to touch that, think of it what you will. Heeheehee.

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